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Chama or Whirlyball
Chama or Whirlyball
Adam Ramadan
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Maybe a restraunt or a cruise 
Go to cedar point? :) 
Salma  Khatab 
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Chama or whirlyball 
Chama or whirlyball (depending on what we do on the 21 or 22)
Eslam El Hakim
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Tuesday 8/21
Yumna El Hakim
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Rent out WhirlyBall in Lombard. WhirlyBall ball is a game that combines bumper cars and basketball. They have WhirlyBall games and they have food and some arcade games, you rent out the court for $250 an hour and 10 people can play at a time. WhirlyBall in Vernon hills you can do the same thing as above but they also have bowling so that might interest some people. So this option is further away but there will be more to do. 
I don’t know
Sara Mohamed
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We could rent crystal grand banquet in week days is almost 19 $ family style or individual serving And make programs like competition between youth men and women ask our community members to share the questions And have some funny gifts and for the tickets price ask for 38$ to participate For crystal grand the least you can have is 50 person Ask for donations for ruffle tickets to give for example 100$ red lobster gift card 
If you can have a group rate for six flag it will be great 
Amany Elsayed
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Drury lane private banquet. Chama Gucha if available 
https://www.whirlyball.comDinner and games 
Ahmed  Hassan
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Please provide Suggestion for Eid Day Celebration
Please provide Suggestion for Eid weekend Celebration
Mehana Osman

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